Nimesamehewa Lyrics

Lyrics for Nimesamehewa by Daniel Kuria Gitau

Touch My Body
Touch My Mind
Touch my Soul And Make me Whole

(Are Your Sins Forgiven?)

Himizo langu langu Huyu Man from up above Alicome down
Two thousand years ago Ku-save you and me
So you may have life and have it more urbandatly

Himizo langu Sister this Man is good than the planet friends
He's a friend sticking closer than abrother
Love yake ni incredible I've ever known
So taste and see that He is good

Himizo langu bro aliku-know since the day in your Mama's womb
And has a wonder- wonderful plan for your life
You know the Lord got love the World cannot offer
I'm talking About Jehova all over de World like Coca-Cola Yo-yo yo yo

Himizo langu Papa this man is precious I cant keep silent
I cant be tired cuz theres none higher Like the Lord most higher
Better come to Christ whether black whether
White whether rich or poor
Cuz your preciuos in His sight
Check it -check it cuz your precious in His sight

Kama unajua umesamehewa mkono kwenye hewa X3

Himizo langu Mama hii si mzaha unahitaji msamaha
Kwa Bwana na kama shampata tell it to your friends
Tell it to the rest no more and no less

Himizo langu mzee wachana na devil anayekuacha broke hearted
Bursted and disgusted Come kwake yesu no matter what happens
Takupa one more chance So decision is upon yo Joh!
I know every Soul young and old ana-save so
Either get left with Him or get right with Him
I know now is the accepted time today is day of salvation
You only got one life to live uliza Nicodemus na ma-neighbours
Dont you forget just dont get left dont you forget

Himizo langu young man nakupa special invitation
Mwache huyu Yesu akufanyie inspection akague heart yako
Na hiyo macho yake ka X-ray ina penetrate ndani Ya heart mazee
Unajua one day when we get there
There'll be no tears in heaven no sorrows even
If your saved consider your sins forgiven
Fight a good fight of faith and obtain all God has along the way
And every body say and every body say say say

Samehewah X2

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