Monday, January 25, 2010

Gospel Industry Seems Mambo Yote

Where in Eldoret can you get an awesome music video producer?
My interview with Erix a proud father of the new music video “Guitar” By the group Clan B.
Haya twende sasa.

Q:Im curious whose Erix?

A: My real names are Eric Agwanda aka Erix a young born again entrepreneur who has ventured in music videos production.Video production has been my passion since childhood watching movies such as western movies influenced me to pursuing video productions discipline, my dream came to a realization when I joined media school man.That was East Africa school of media studies In Nairobi.

Q:Who are some of the influencers in your career?

A: Well, i got local and international influencers: Tedd Josiah *(Blue Zebra) Ogopa
Deejays,Homeboys and Hollywood Pictures.

Q: Is music videos necessary to Musicians?

A: Oh yes, Nowadays artists have gone visual man,and with that we need to reach out to fans
with the videos, very necessary tool to a musician.

Q: What do you look for in a music before you consider starting a project?

A: First and foremost i look for a message content in a song, the message should be positive
I look for a well composed song like properly composed and sung piece of music just to
mention but a few

Q: Who have you worked with so far?

A: Ive worked with the "Clan B" a group around Eldoret Town,Ochi praiz, Isabel Zattu,
Mluhya,Xnon, The Barnos,Jazz Unit from Sudan

Q: How would you advice an artist who lets say has 20 Thousand and wanna do a best video to promote and sell out there?

A: You know kizuri cha jiuza,He/She needs to invest in standard video which when taken to
media yachezwa bila shida, apart from traditional Media they should subscribe to our Online
T.V for more exposure thats htpp:// a place where people are discovering
awesome music.

Q:do you accept installments?

A: Yap, i do accept installments that is my clients should pay 70% before the project then 30% after how do you see that?

Q:How do you find the music industry in Kenya so far?

A: Cant say we are there yet but gospel industry seems mambo yote, just see almost all the
T.v stations nowadays its purely Gospel a thing we hardly had a few years ago.

QWhat piece of advice do you have for them artists?

A: What i can tell the artists out there is they have to spend so that they get what they want,in this case a standard video so msiogope, and to the fans do support the artists who do starndard videos by attending their video making expiriences, voting them in awards,best videos na vitu ka hizo also joining Erix Group on facebook that be