Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Born In Hawaii In Eldoret Town

Joseph Mwangi the guy God has blessed with an excellent gift of Poetry. Born in Hawaii in Eldoret Town neibrouring Jerusalem estate in Eldoret East Constituency ,Mwangi definately is the brother  known to uplift our soul with his thought provoking poems. If you have attended his performances you surely know what this brother is about, “drives the point home” literally as in the way he just does uniquely.Its all for you to feel and get it….He has done performances such as HIV/AIDS sensitization, open air meetings among many places. This is what he shares with me in this interview which you would love to read..

Haya Twende sasa.

Q:Niaje, tell me your poetry story man?

A: Well, all I wanted to do since kitambo was poetry, which before I started taking it serious I tried out being a sunday school teacher and ehee hanging with the little ones needs more grace kiasi it seems LOL ...Ya,Started poety in 2002 and I owe much credit to  my mom who has always been a great support tu sana.I do most of  my poems In  swahili langauage and at times Sheng or SwaEnglish as they call it (slang) the target group is my fellow  youths you know who I reach out in different hoods and neighbourhoods in my town.

Q:Most memorable moments?

A: Good one there, offcourse when  im grabbing a shower hahaha.Okey the day when I had the opprtunity In (Eldoret International Airport) the KCCA event,Bwana Mayor was there and you name it, was such an awesome opportunity for me to use poetry as a tool of evangelism sana.Man the incorruptible seeds of the word  was planted in the hearts of God's children there.

Q: What other gifting do you have apart from poetry?

A: I consider my self all rounded at times like Ng'ang'a lito say: Ninaweza dance naweza sing na pia  got love for football, tried also singing and recorded a single gospel ragga dubbed "Tim tim Kiboko Cha ma lover" as in "dont roll with every girl on the way"  in football i've been engaged in Maisa Mathare Youths football Club Under 20 in Nairobi City. A place im mostly known as Mureno a nick name given Tanzanians players whom we were practising football with.Mureno is a funny comedian I found out In Tanzania I dunno why they labbeled me that, do you find me funny? ahahaha 

Q: Who do you wanna Send some shouts outs to,toady?

A: Yes, first and foremost i wanna send salams to my lovely Bsp and his lovely wife.Mr. & mrs.  Ben Bahati (Hello daddy) My mother Glagys,The Field Marshall Squad (Dr Gooya,Ba' mdogo,Ole Willy, Jay Mwenyewe,Rufftone,Daddy Owen, Deejay Asembo (Lovely frnd who preached n led me to the Lord ) Bila kusahau my Best gospel musician friend Kerra,juliani, they too many man, All my fans in facebook and everywhere Mureno loves you with the love of God Shalom.