Friday, April 9, 2010

Man Ingwe

I love meeting new and interesting people, I got Man Ingwe a musician whose song “Ugali Sosa” led to number in Kubamba Tv.enjoy our conversation.

Q: Real names and a bit about your aka?

Man Ingwe:Anderson Ambindi Murunga.
Am proud to be a lunje and in my land, the leopard is the king
of the jungle, I am arguably the king in my "Ingo flava".
Q:Have you changed the name before?
Man Ingwe: Nope
Q: What inspired you to start music?
Man Ingwe:It just happened that I loved it and participated in everything
music from Christmas competitions za ushago kanisani, primo
music festivals, and the defining moments were high school drama and music festivals.
Q:Who are your major influences?
Man Ingwe:Lucky Dube, Itani Madima,Koffi olomide, Reuben Kigame and now Donnie Mclurkin
with Kirk franklin.
Q:What hood are you currently in right now? whats interesting in that hood?
Man Ingwe: Kitengela is my hood,and the best Nyam choma south east of Sahara.

Q: Where have you Ministered/performed?
Man Ingwe:Zimmerman, Kayole, Suge, Kite, Kiambu, kahawa west, M-north,Ku etc..

Q:Do you have any upcoming shows?
Man Ingwe:yeah, on 10th april i will be at Tumaini house at the CBD7th floor,17th April I will be
in athi river, on 18th april al be in DC Suge 27th April will be in Bungoma.

Q:One or two moments you cherish?
Man Ingwe:Was on a women cultural show at NPC valley road, and when I took on stage,
Waluhya wakamwagika stage, wakakatika paka nikakatikika.images still flicker

Q: What has been your biggest challenge as musician?
Man Ingwe:Cash
Have you been able to overcome that challenge?
Man Ingwe:In a way

Man Ingwe:God blessed me with a jobo so, it bridges kidogo, but as things look, it should be possible for the music to finance itself.

Q: Whats your favorite track in your Album?
Man Ingwe:Sweety wanje
Q:Why is it your fav?
Man Ingwe: It is a dedication to my wife and it is very personal. I love my family.

Q: Do you promote your music online?
Man Ingwe:Yeah though not commercially yet but it's on you tube and facebook.Najipanga
for the fan to buy them online.
Q.Do you think social media sites have become popular?
Man Ingwe:Of course yawa
Q:How do the site make sense to you as a musician?
Man Ingwe:The sites kill distance, they are very convenient especially for people like me whom every minute counts.
Q:Do you think there is tough competition between mainstream media giants,and the web as more and more web-goers adapt to Internet technology?
Man Ingwe:Not really. the percentage of people who have access to internet in a broader
perspective ni kodogo. In more established economies Internet has not affected
media as such and so Kenya wont be an exception ama?
Q: Are you a member of any music organizations?
Man Ingwe:M.C.S.K

Q: Your say about the 30 meter noise rules?
Man Ingwe:Hiyo ni mchezo, my living room pitaz that.
Q:How does the rule affect you?
Man Ingwe:I will cross that bridge when we get there.

Q: What do you ultimately hope to accomplish with your music?
Man Ingwe:To go live as an international performer
Q: Whats your word to anyone with a ministry in Christian music?
Man Ingwe:It is an uphill task but determination, patience and focus will get you there.
Q: What book,blog,website would you recommend that can help improve the reader in their personal development?
Man Ingwe:Poor dad rich dad, the richest men in babylon

Q: Other passions?
Man Igwe:Soccer mad, swimming
Q: Any last words?

Man Igwe:If you thought you have seen me, think twice, it was my shadow before me