Friday, September 12, 2014

Bitcoin In Kenya

If you are wondering whats bitcoin? Have no worries you can get all your bitcoin questions answered visit this site called 99bitcoins also  read this article 10 Ways Kenyans will benefit from Bitcoin  And another helpful bitcoin article  Whats Bitcoin To Kenyans?

 The blockchain is one of the most important factors behind Bitcoin's success: a transparent ledger book, available to everyone, which allows a consenus before transaction,I am loving this idea each day since this is a curreny shift from a state-owned prperty to people owned one. Some videos tutorial below for Beginners,bitcoin seems hard to undesrtand at first and when you get to know it man you love it.Who knows whether this is money of the future? I'm sure its a game changer in many areas of our lives musicians and Artists and farmers and list is endless.Whats Bitcoin To Kenyans?

You can purchase Saakush Nimesamehewa with bitcoins
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