Thursday, March 26, 2015

Best QR Code Generator

If you use QR Codes in your promotional campaigns then having a good QR Code Generator is a key asset to your business. But with many QR Code Generators on the web, basic and professional, how do you choose which one is right for  you? I have enjoyed the best QR Code generator  Scanova

For those who are new to this mobile technology, QR Codes are 2D barcodes that can store much more information than a traditional barcode. The information can be easily decoded using a mobile application on your smartphone.

 Fancy QR Code With Logo


  10 Characteristics of a good QR Code Generator
A good tool is one that makes your work easier and saves you time or money. Its not just about getting the job done, its also about how quickly were you able to get the job done or how cost-effective the process was. In general, I follow the basic rule:
A good QR Code Generator should be able to:

1. Generate Dynamic QR Codes

There are two types of QR Codes – static and dynamic. Dynamic QR Codes allow you to edit the webpage address anytime you want without the need to reprint the QR Code. One day you can lead your consumers to your Facebook Page and the next day to a Youtube video.

2. Track scan activity

If you are running a marketing campaign and not analysing the impact then you are losing the opportunity to optimize. Does your generator tell you exactly how many people scanned your code, from where they scanned, and what device they used?
For example, you find out that majority of your audience is using a Chrome Browser on their smartphone but your mobile website is not optimised for that browser. Do you know how valuable this information is?

3. Add design to make your QR Codes visually-appealing

Have you ever scanned a barcode on the Coke can that you just bought? No. Why would you? Then why should any consumer scan a black-and-white QR Code on your promotions. You need to make your code stand out and it should convey the message that it is a point of engagement.
You can do this by making your codes colorful and personalised to your brand. This can be done if your generator has advanced QR Code capabilities.
Also, if you regularly design QR Codes, does your generator allow you to save your designs as templates?
Here are a couple of designer QR Codes that can be created directly from a QR Code Generator:


Liberty Music Store